Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi: Let's Go

Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi: Let's Go (2005)
Warner Home Video
Cast: Ami, Yumi
Extras: Musik Video, Trivia Track, Backstage Footage

Based on a teen sensation pop band from Japan, "Amiyumi" take their act to a cartoon show as well. The two teenage girls Ami and Yumi, provide brief skit clips before launching into the animated episodes, starring their drawn counterparts as they tour around the world, visiting exciting places and encountering all sorts of different people. It is a show that introduces kids to the world, different cultures, countries, and ideals that are universal around the globe.

The show is well produced, loud, flashy and with a bizarre animation style. Just the right thing for teenagers that are all gung-ho, like Ami and Yumi. The fullscreen transfer is clean and free of any defects or blemishes. Colors are strong and solid, never bleeding and free of compression artifacts, rendering each line and stroke cleanly and sharp.

The audio on the release comes as a Dolby Stereo track that is also clean and without problems. The frequency response is wide and without distortion it brings across the music and dialogues perfectly. Additional language tracks in French and Spanish are also included.

The release contains a number of extras, such as a music video of the powerful Amiyumi title track. Additionally it is presented in a karaoke version to sing along. A trivia track and some backstage footage is also included, rounding out there release.

"Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi" is wild, flashy and loud and will clearly find its audience. The DVD is solid with a great presentation, nice extras and a menu system that is just as flipped out as the show and the girls themselves.