Beyond Batman

With the release of the Batman and Superman Animated Seasons yesterday comes the great announcement that more is on the way. Batman Beyond and Justice League are both getting Season One box sets in March from Warner Home Entertainment.

Following the conclusion of the individual runs of Batman and Superman came the founding of “The Justice League, ” a new force including Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl and of course Batman and Superman.

The set will contain the 26 episodes of the first season (in multi-part story arcs) with extras to be announced. There is as of yet, no word on the aspect ratio of these DVDs. Currently, the single disc releases of Justice League have been fullscreen only.

Then jump 40 years into the future, where a retired and bitter Bruce Wayne finds new hope for jutice in a young Terry McGinnis who dons the upgraded cape and cowl to become the next generations dark knight.

The “Batman Beyond” set contains the 13 first season episodes along with two commentary tracks, the featurettes Music of the Dark Knight and Inside Batman Beyond, plus a few Easter Eggs.

Both scheduled for a March 21st release date, Batman Beyond and Justice League are set at $26.99 and $44.98 respectively.

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