The Fog will shroud DVD in January

It didn’t get a great reception at the box office and most everyone said the film is in fact pretty bad, but maybe the remake of The Fog will fare a little better when it hits DVD in January.

This is the remake of John Carpenter’s 1980 classic ghost story, updated to appeal more to today’s teenage boy crowd. It tells the story of a mysterious fog bank coming to coastal town of Antonio Bay. Soon it turns out that the fog hides the ghosts of the sea men who were sunk at the hands of the townspeople exactly 100 years ago. Now they return to take revenge.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will release the film in two versions, one featuring the PG-13 Theatrical Cut and the other offering up an Unrated Version of the movie. As extras the release will contain Commentary Track by director Rupert Wainwright on the uncut version only, as well as a Making Of Featurette and Deleted Scenes with optional commentary by the director.

“The Fog” will come back to Antonio Bay on January 24 with a $28.95 sticker price attached to it. A UMD version for the Sony PSPS will also be released on the same day.

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