Not Another Teen Movie: Director

Not Another Teen Movie: Director

Submitted by John Ian and Bradley Elkins

On Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s Director’s Cut version of “Not Another Teen Movie” the studio has also added a little hidden feature.

From the DVD’s Main Menu go to the “Languages” section and there highlight the menu entry “English.” Then, press the “Left” arrow key on your remote control, followed by the “Up” key. This will highlight the camera lens in the center picture. Now press the “Enter” key and you will have a chance to see nine different takes of the cruelest girl in school kissing the undercover reporter.

Another Easter Egg can be found when you go to the “Special Features” section from the disc’s Main Menu. Once you get there select “Meet The Cast Promos” and on the following screen highlight “The Cocky blonde Guy.” Now press the “Right” arrow key on your remote control to highlight a flower and then hit the “Enter” key. You will now be treated to some proposal footage.

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