Babylon 5 is completed

Before the boon of television programming to hit the DVD market, Babylon 5 was among the early shows to embrace the new format. Although the show and its made-for-television movies gradually came to DVD, one film slipped through the cracks and has never made it to DVD until now. Babylon 5 – The Legend of the Rangers hits DVD this winter from Warner Home Entertainment.

“Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers” is an original made-for-television movie from News Graphic, the creator of the original Babylon 5 series. The telefilm takes place in 2264 after the wars are over and a new age of space exploration has begun. The Interstellar Alliance has been organized to establish and maintain peace among its member worlds, including Earth. The Rangers are an elite military force made up of hand-picked young, smart, dedicated human and alien members, who combine the high-tech elements of space travel with the idealism and honor of the knights of old. They encounter a previously unknown alien race whose lethal power is far greater than any force previously known to Earth, or any other world in the Interstellar Alliance.

Features have not yet surfaced on the disc, but it will be arriving on March 14th with a suggested retail price of $19.98.

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