Aeon Flux delivers

Not too surprising in the wake of the upcoming motion picture, is the upcoming release of Aeon Flux: The Complete Animated Collection from MTV and Paramount Home Entertainment.

Her extraordinary list of skills includes assassination, seduction and domination. She is a leather-clad mercenary and a deadly double agent, known for her erratic behavior and ability to dispatch villains with a swift kick of her shapely leg. She’s Aeon Flux, the dazzling dominatrix from MTV’s popular and innovative animated series, which first stirred viewer’s imaginations in 1991.

The new set contains all the episodes of the series as well as the six original Liquid Television shorts, commentaries and a retrospective featurette are also here.

Just as enigmatic as Aeon herself is Paramount which has not revealed a release date or suggested retail price for the upcoming DVD, but look for it to arrive around the December 2nd release of the new film.

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