Welcome.. to Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island, the show that made Ricardo Montalban a star, is coming to DVD this November when the complete first season arrives from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Imagine a place where any dream or fantasy can come true. Welcome to Fantasy Island. Each week two guests arrive on the island looking forward to getting their fantasy fulfilled. Their host is the sophisticated Mr. Roarke, a charming and fashionable gentleman who, along with his diminutive assistant, Tattoo, sees to it that their guests’ island visit is all they could ever have imagined … literally. Each fantasy comes with danger, suspense, and surprises, for after all, guests always get what they ask for, but rarely what they expect.

The set includes all the episodes of the first season in their original fullscreen and includes featurettes and episode promos for 11 of the 16 episodes.

Keep your eyes to the sky with Tatoo, the set arrives on November 15th for $49.95.

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