This January, catch the Red Eye

The mile-high thriller Red Eye is making its way to DVD from Dreamworks early next year.

After attending the funeral of her grandmother in Dallas, Lisa Reisert must take the dreaded red eye flight back to Miami to make it to work the next day. Lisa soon meets Jackson Ripner and their attraction grows. But moments after take-off, Jackson reveals to Lisa her father’s wallet that he swiped off his desk and his real reason for being on board. Jackson needs Lisa’s help to kill the deputy secretary of Homeland Security who’s scheduled to stay at the Lux Atlantic Hotel, the hotel Lisa is the manager of. If she refuses to help, Jackson will call his partner on the ground and have her father killed. At 30,000 feet, Lisa has no where to run and no time for rash judgement.

The DVD will be available on January 10th with extras to be announced.

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