The NBA on DVD

The NBA has announced a bucketful of DVDs all arriving this November from Warner Home Entertainment.

NBA Dynasty Series: The Complete History of the New York Knicks

The New York Knicks have built a legendary basketball heritage, endearing them among the city’s faithful as truly New York’s own. This special edition collector’s set features a comprehensive history of the Knickerbockers including all of their greatest moments from the inception of the franchise in 1946, through the championships of the 70’s, to today’s squad of rising superstars. This 5-disc collection features over 50 years of rarely seen footage, chronicling classic Knicks such as Willis Reed, Walt “Clyde” Frazier, Bill Bradley, Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, Bernard King, Patrick Ewing and more!

This 5-disc set will recount the illustrious story one of the most revered teams in NBA history. the set is loaded with special features including Eight of the greatest games in franchise history in their original broadcast form:

  • 1970 NBA Finals, Game 7 – One of the iconic moments in NBA history, as Knicks Captain Willis Reed hobbles onto the court right before tip off and inspires the Knicks to the defeat the Lakers for their first NBA title
  • 1984 Eastern Conference Playoffs, First Round, Game 5 – Bernard King goes shot-for-shot with Isiah Thomas and the Knicks overcome the Pistons in an epic Game 5
  • 1984 Eastern Conference Semifinals Game 6 – Led by Bernard King’s 44 points, the Knicks beat the Celtics to force a Game 7
  • 1989 Eastern Conference Playoffs, First Round, Game 3 – The Knicks beat the 76ers, in overtime, to complete the sweep
  • 1993 Eastern Conference Finals, Game 2 – Knicks fans will always remember where they were for “The Dunk” by scrappy shooting guard John Starks, as he soared above the Bulls to throw it down.
  • 1994 Eastern Conference Finals, Game 7 – Patrick Ewing tips the ball in sealing New York’s first Eastern Conference title in 20 years
  • 1999 Eastern Conference Playoffs, First Round, Game 5 – A runner by Allan Houston trickles in as time expires to give New York the win over their bitter rivals, the Miami Heat.
  • 1999 Eastern Conference Finals, Game 3– Madison Square Garden erupts with Larry Johnson’s miraculous four- point play, securing the Knicks victory over the Pacers.

Other features include player profiles, classic rivalries, nine featurettes and five season summary featurettes.

The set will be available for $49.98.

NBA Top 10 Greatest

NBA Top 10 Greatest answers the pivotal questions in NBA history decided on by fans and debated on by legends including Bill Walton, Walt “Clyde” Frazier, George Gervin, Dave Cowens and Senior Writer for ESPN The Magazine Ric Bucher. Fans were asked to vote on the greatest plays, players, and performances in the top 10 categories that define NBA greatness and the results are here in this extraordinary 5-disc collector’s set. The Top 10 categories include the Greatest NBA Finals Moment, the Greatest Duel, the Greatest New Star and the Greatest Dynamic Duo among others. The DVD also includes four landmark games, voted on by the fans, in their original broadcast form.

Included on the disc are the games:

  • 1970 Finals Game 7, Lakers @ Knicks

    Willis Reed limps onto the court and inspires the Knicks to victory over the Lakers for their first-ever championship

  • 1986 NBA Playoffs, First Round, Game 2, Bulls @ Celtics

    Larry Bird’s Celtics overcome Michael Jordan’s 63 points to defeat the Bulls in double overtime.

  • 1998 Finals Game 6, Bulls @ Jazz

    Michael Jordan hits “The Shot” to win his last game with the Bulls and capture his sixth NBA Championship.

  • 2004 West Conf Semis Game 5, Lakers @ Spurs

    Derek Fisher’s buzzer-beater with four-tenths of a second remaining answers Tim Duncan’s improbable apparent game-winner seconds earlier and lifts the Lakers to victory over the Spurs.

The set will be available for $39.92.

NBA Hardwood Classics: Michael Jordan’s Playground:

Michael Jordan’s Playground takes a personal look at the NBA superstar, as he makes his acting debut in a storyline straight from his life. Inspired by his own story, Jordan encourages a young player who has been cut from his high school team to follow his dreams. Jordan also gives his own insights on the game and his personal work ethic. Packed with highlights from his great career this DVD is available for $12.98.

NBA Hardwood Classics: Michael Jordan: Come Fly with Me:

Michael Jordan: Come Fly with Me takes fans a step closer by showing Jordan at home, on the golf course, and in the air. He is a true superstar who does it all and fans will revel in the spectacular highlights from his NBA career. The DVD also has rare footage from Jordan’s days at the University of North Carolina. This DVD is available for $12.98.

NBA Hardwood Classics: NBA Showmen: The Spectacular Guards

The Spectacular Guards covers moves on the court from Michael Jordan, Bob Cousy, Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, Magic Johnson and more. These players are the showmen of the game who dazzle fans with their impeccable accuracy, perfectly handled passes and unbelievable shots. This DVD is available for $9.98.

NBA Hardwood Classics: Courtside Comedy

NBA Courtside Comedy takes you on this all-access look into the NBA’s most humorous and unbelievable moments. Hosted by Ahmad Rashad, enjoy all the flubbed passes, tongue tied announcers, unbelievable shots, locker room pranks, and fanatic fans. It’s full-court funny. This DVD is available for $9.98.

All of the discs will be available on November 8th.

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