The High Definition soup is simmering

After Toshiba’s announcement of a delayed launch of HD-DVD last month and their loss of major advantages over their proposed competitor Blu-Ray in the wake of it, as expected consequences of the decision are beginning to trickle in.

Last week, Paramount Home Entertainment announced that the studio will also support Blu-Ray. Previously committed to HD-DVD the studio made it clear that they will support both formats when they make it to market and offer programming on Blu-Ray and HD-DVD.

Today now another development has been unveiled indicating that Warner Home Video is in the final negotation stages to also support the Blu-Ray camp in the same manner as Paramount does, by making programming available on both formats. This is a major development as Warner used to be one of the major proponents and supporters of the HD-DVD format and it’s commitment to Blu-Ray clearly indicates its crumbling faith in the inferior HD-DVD format.

Now, practically all the major studios have announced Blu-Ray support making it without the shadow of a doubt the leading platform in the race. Out of all the Hollywood majors only Universal Home Entertainment has yet to announce Blu-Ray support, but my impression would be that it is only a matter of time since corporate pressure goes before personal preferences and egos.

This is another nail in HD-DVD’s coffin, which is of course, a good trend as the format is simply not good enough to take home video entertainment into the future.

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