The end of The Twilight Zone

The 1963-64 season marked the end of the Twilight Zone and a lack of cult sci-fi until Star Trek took up the mantle. The final season of the series comes in a new 6 DVD set from Image Entertainment this winter.

Unlock the door to another dimension with the fifth and final season in Rod Serling’s classic series charting the outer reaches of The Twilight Zone.

the set features new transfers remastered from new high-definition film transfers using the original camera negatives and magnetic soundtracks. Additionally the set includes commentaries and interviews featuring Mickey Rooney, Martin Landau, Michael Constantine, Bill Mumy, Carolyn Kearney, Mariette Hartley and Earl Hamner, Jr, an excerpt from Rod Serling’s Sherwood Oaks College lecture, highlights from the Museum of Television and Radio seminar The Art of Editing, season five billboards and a photo gallery.

On December 27th, the set will be priced at $99.99 and will complete your visit…. to The Twilight Zone.

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