MTI Home Video will leave you Scarred this winter

Horror specialist MTI Home Video is currently preparing the release of their independent cult shocker Scarred for release in December.

Local legend has it that a woman roams the woods in search of a pretty face to replace the vacant hole where her own was brutally torn off. Tonight, a family has set-up camp in these same woods, and they are about to discover the story of the faceless killer is no mere campfire tale – it is a disturbing, nightmarish reality.

The release will feature an anamorphic widescreen transfer of the film and come with a 5.1 channel Dolby Digital audio track. As extras the studio provides a Commentary Track as well as a Behind The Scenes Featurette about the making of the movie. Cast Biographies and Trailers will also be included.

“Scarred” will be released on December 6 at a suggested retail price of $24.95.

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