Manga demystifies the Ghost in the Shell

Manga Entertainment is beginning the release of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex with two volumes of episodes coming in the near months. Each set comes with an extensive book.

The first set includes never-before-seen footage and a host of interviews with creative staff including series Director Kenji Kamiyama, Japanese voice-actor Atsuko Tanako, and animators, producers and staff members from the Stand Alone Complex team. The 148 page book features detailed reports on the innovative digital animation techniques used by
Production I.G to create the distinctive look of the anime series, as well as interviews with 3D animator Eiji Inomoto, colorist Yumiko Katayama, Director of 3D animation Makoto Endo, Mechanical Animation Director Nobuhiko Genma and Producer Yuichiro Matsuka.

The first volume arrives October 25th with a suggested retail price of $64.98. The second volume is due on January 24th.

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