Dark Water makes its DVD debut as an unrated version

From Touchstone Pictures comes a dark ghost story this winter, right after the Holidays. Buena Vista Home Entertainment will be bringing you an unrated version of the ghost thriller Dark Water.

Starring Jennifer Connelly, Tim Roth and Pete Postlethwaite, this is the story of a single mother and her small child being tormented by the ghosts that haunt an apartment building.

The DVD will feature a widescreen version of the movie and also come with a selection of Deleted Scenes. “The sound Of Terror” is a Featurette on the movie’s sound design, while “Analyzing Dark Water” explores the creation of some of the movie’s the scenes by allowing the viewer different options to view them. “Beneath The Surface” is a Making Of Featurette that will also be included on the DVD.

“Dark Water” is coming to DVD on December 27. The movie’s original theatrical version will also be available as a separate DVD, but since it’s being released as a cropped pan&scan version, it is barely of interest. Interestingly the unrated version is 2 minutes shorter than the theatrical version of the film. Further a UMD for the Sony PSP will also be released on the same day. All versions will carry a t $29.99 suggested retail price.

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