Commit to a full Tour of Duty

The first show to take place in the front lines of Vietnam, Tour of Duty is being released as a full series box set containing all three seasons of the show this winter.

The First Season follows Bravo Company’s new recruits, who are pulled in by Sgt. Zeke Anderson, an amiable and popular sergeant, already on his third tour of duty. Familiar with the horrors of the jungle, Knox is determined to keep himself and his young men alive. Anderson shares a mutual respect with Capt. Rusty Wallace, the company commander and tolerant leader of the young soldiers for whom he is responsible. Lt. Myron Goldman, a newly arrived officer, is eager to demonstrate leadership despite his inexperience and he soon proves his worth as Company B — Pvt. Roger Horn , “Doc” Randy Matsuda, Cpl. Danny Percell, Pvt. Alberto Ruiz and Pvt. Marcus Taylor — becomes one of the top platoons in the division.

In the Second Season, Bravo Company returns as the platoon is transferred to the Tan Son Nhut Base outside Saigon. It’s a whole new war with deepening plot lines, different battles and new faces including some beautiful women.

In the third and final season, the young combat soldiers in Southeast Asia face deeply personal distress as drug use, mass murder and desertions affect morale and the troops become more aware of the growing anti-war movement back home.
The set arrives on November 10th and carries a $121.95 suggested retail price for the three season set.

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