Battlestar Galactica rockets to DVD for the second season

Universal Home Entertainment has just unveiled plans to release the second season of the SciFi Channel TV series Battlestar Galactica on DVD this winter.

The show follows the survivors of a Cylon attack as they try to find a mythical promised safe haven – Earth. But the Cylons – a breed of cyborgs created by Man – are hot on their heels, seemingly always one step ahead and dead-set on eradicating every single human being form the face of the universe.

The release will contain all 10 episodes form the show’s second season on 3 discs and will also include exclusive Sneak Peek Previews of upcoming episodes not yet aired. The release will a Dolby Digital 5.1 channel audio track and come with a selection of Deleted Scenes and Podcasts.

The DVD will be in stores on December 20 and carry a $49.95 suggested retail price.

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