Batman Begins: Deluxe Edition

Batman Begins: Deluxe Edition

Submitted by Wayne Robinson and George Wright

On Warner Home Video’s 2-disc Deluxe Edition of the action packed adventure “Batman
Begins” the studio has cleverly disguised some hidden features in the scenes out of a comic book for you to unmask.

Insert the second disc of the DVD set and use the bat symbol to navigate your way through the comic book scenes. Go to the second page and press the “Down” arrow key on your remote control and a crack in the wall will be highlighted. Press “Enter” and you will hear how co-writer David S. Goyer began writing the script for the movie.

Now go to page 4 of the main menu, the one where the Scarecrow is holding a cigarette lighter. Press the “Down” arrow key again and the eyes of the Scarecrow will be highlighted. Press the “Enter” key now to hear visual effects supervisor Paul Franklin talk about the concept shots using Christian Bale and a digital Batman.

On page 7 is a three panel page with Batman falling out of a window after he inhales the Scarecrow’s fear gas. From the bat symbol, hit the “Down” arrow key and a small spot in the middle panel will be highlighted. Now press the “Enter” key and Wayne Enterprises grants you an All Access look behind the scenes of the making and rehearsing of important scenes from “Batman Begins.”

The final hidden feature can be found on the final page by pressing the “Down” arrow key, highlighting the page directly under the bat symbol. Press the “Enter” key and you will switch the menu from its default comic book style to regular text menus.

Also, throughout the comic book menu you will notice that certain character, gadgets and weapons name are standing out a bit more than others. You can actually highlight and select these items and retrieve additional information about the characters and items, which is very cool!

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