Anchor Bay awakes Day of the Dead 2

An interesting concept, Anchor Bay Home Entertainment is releasing this “parallel” sequel to George A. Romero’s 1985 classic Day Of The Dead takes a fresh look at the zombie phenomenon from the original Night Of The Living Dead with Day of the Dead 2: Contagium.

In 1968, a Russian spy plane crashes in the Western United States. The pilot and the strange vials retrieved from the wreckage are brought to Ravenside Military Hospital in rural Pennsylvania. Soon, an unknown disease begins to afflict everyone there, patient and staff. A Special Forces team is dispatched to “neutralize” the situation by burning the hospital and its transformed occupants to the ground. A “wall of silence” surrounds the incident and on the cursed ground of the military hospital now stands Ravenside Mental Health Facility, a civilian mental treatment center. But some secrets can’t be kept forever. Something that has lied dormant for over 35 years has been awakened. It’s started again…

The new DVD features a making of documentary and an audio commentary.

October 18th, the dead walk again. $19.98 is the price.

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