Warner keeps up the Year of the Bat

Warner has declared 2005, the year of the Bat. In addition to the upcoming DVD releases of Batman Begins and new special editions of Warner’s first four Bat-films, the company has announced some more Batman-related television releases and a new direct-to-video animated movie. Batman: The Man Who Would Be Bat – Volume Two, Justice League Unlimited: Joining Forces and The Batman vs. Dracula are coming to disc this fall.

Batman: The Man Who Would Be Bat – Volume Two:
The next three episodes from season one of The Batman animated TV series available for the first time on DVD. Batman: The Man Who Would Be Bat is 66 minutes running time with a $14.97 SRP. In the first episode “The Man Who Would Be Bat”: A scientist in Wayne’s genome division has been experimenting with bats, thus threatening to endanger Bruce’s cover. But before Bruce can stop him, Dr. Langstrom gives the experimental serum he’s been devising a maiden voyage and transforms into the hideous MAN-BAT, before flying off to wreak havoc across Gotham! Episode 2, “The Big Chill”: The Batman is on the trail of Mr. Freeze- a villain who uses his ice technology as a means of stealing the objects of his passion: the rarest, most valuable diamonds, “Ice,” as it were. In the final installment “The Cat and the Bat”: After a news report erroneously links her with The Batman, Selins Kyle, the “cat” burglar known as Catwoman, decides she wants to meet her nighttime counterpart. After drawing out her prey, Catwoman steals Batman’s Utility Belt!

Justice League Unlimited: Joining Forces: The next three episodes from season one of the Justice League Unlimited animated TV series is available for the first time on DVD with a running time of 66 minutes and a $14.97 SRP. In the first episode “For the Man Who Had Everything” Batman and Wonder Woman visit the fortress of Solitude on Superman’s birthday, only to find him trapped by Mongol, in a dream of the life he might have had on Krypton. In the next episode “The Return”: Nearly two dozen heroes join forces to prevent an all powerful Android from reaching his goal, the recently reformed Lex Luther. In the final episode entitles “The Greatest Story Never Told”: The Justice League is in epic battle with Mordru in downtown Metropolis, but the real story is what happens to Booster Gold while he’s supposed to be on “crowd control.”

The Batman vs. Dracula:
Gotham City is terrorized not only by recent escapees Joker and Penguin, but by the original creature of the night, Dracula! Can Batman stop the ruthless vampire before he turns everyone in the city, including The Caped Crusader, Joker and Penguin, into his mindless minions?

The television series discs will be priced at $19.97. The Batman vs. Dracula carries a $24.98 suggested retail price and arrives on October 18th.

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