My Little Pony celebrates Christmas early

Paramount Home Entertainment is already gearing up for Christmas with an October relesae of the new animated film My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas.

Uh-Oh! When Minty accidentally breaks the Here Comes Christmas Candy Cane… the beacon that shows Santa the way to Ponyville each year… she’ll do anything to save Christmas for her Pony friends. And they’ll do anything to save Minty! Together, they discover Christmas comes wrapped in the love of good friends and the heart of one little clumsy, minty-green Pony.

The DVD contains the film along with the 20 minute bonus video Danicing in the Clouds and the two Sing-A-Longs: “That’s What I Love About Christmas” and “Nothing Says Christmas Like a Pair of Socks”.

October 25th will see the release of the new Christmas film.

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