Merv Griffin Show highlights coming to DVD as a DVD set

As host of his eponymous talk show for nearly a quarter of a century, Merv Griffin said his audience saw him as “every mother’s favorite son-in-law.” Merv was the man who brought glamour and laughter into America¹s homes, but didn¹t shy away from spotlighting serious cultural leaders, controversial figures of the day, or mostly
unknowns like Jerry Seinfeld and Tom Cruise. Now, Alpha Home Entertainment is bringing The Merv Griffin Show: 40 Of The Most Interesting People Of Our Time to DVD as a Special Edition on Novemebr 1.

The three-discs of this initial set are filled with over five hours of remarkable interviews, including four United States Presidents (Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan) and other political leaders, such as Martin Luther King Jr., as well as Hollywood royalty like John Wayne, Ingrid Bergman, Orson Welles, Jane Fonda, Richard Burton and titled royalty like Princess Grace and Prince Charles.

Merv’s guests reflected his eclectic interests in what was happening in the world and who was making it happen. He was gracious and witty, but he was also the great American listener who allowed celebrities as much time as it took to give a meaningful answer, without cutting to commercial. The contents of the DVd have been culled from the 5,500 shows and 25,000 guests that appeared on the award-winning, critically acclaimed talk-show during its historic broadcast run.

“The Merv Griffin Show: 40 Of The Most Interesting People Of All Time” will come to a store near you on November 1, carrying a $29.98 suggested retail price.

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