It’s time to show off your home theatre.

Everyone who’s constructed a high end home theatre system likes to brag about it and find the best DVD to show it off. Goldhil Entertainment is catering to this need with The Ultimate DVD Collection. The set is designed to show off and optimize your home setup and includes Animusic, Chronos: Special Collector’s Edition, Illuminated Manuscripts and The Ultimate DVD.

As seen on PBS nationally, “Animusic” is a computer-animated orchestra of instruments which play themselves, exalting music from rock-n-roll to jazz to new age. A powerful new vision in music video entertainment with an unprecedented universal appeal, the program is rated one of the “50 greatest 3D projects ever” by 3D World Magazine. Animusic takes the audience on seven different musical journeys with each performance featuring inventive instruments playing in different settings. Animusic’s advanced audio and video technologies offer superior highs and lows heard best in surround sound home theater systems.

The DVD comes in Dolby Digital 5.1 sound and features Solo-cam angles, (interactive angle button switches between instruments), Animusic ‘s first animation from 1996, a sneak peak of Animusic 2, the “Pipe Dream” segment rerendered in widescreen, behind the scenes footage, a director’s commentary, production stills, screen shots and sketches.

“Chronos”, the quintessential large format film, is now available in an extraordinary, new digitally restored and re-mastered Special Collector’s Edition DVD. A visual symphony in seven movements, Chronos embarks on an unprecedented cinematic journey across the worlds of natural beauty and manmade monuments as it explores the essence of time. Presented in Hi-Res DTS 96/24 digital surround sound, Chronos was the Grand Prize winner at the International OMNIMAX® Film Festival. Captured in time lapse and sweeping aerial cinematography, Chronos passes through many well known and several obscure, must-see geographical and architectural settings from New York and Paris to the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Segovia Castle. The film was originally shot for IMAX 70 mm format and was released theatrically in IMAX® Theaters. A presentation of the Reuben H. Fleet Space Theater and S.E.M. La Geode & Magidson Films, Inc., Chronos was directed and photographed by Ron Fricke (director of the acclaimed Koyaanisqatsi ) with music composed and performed by Michael Stearns.
Special DVD features include, DTS 96/24 sound, an audio commentary with the film’s director, composer and production manager, behind-the-scenes making of feature with the filmmakers, a director’s shot list – shot-by-shot breakdown of the film, Behind the Landscapes – presents detailed information about each location provided by Columbia Encyclopedia, and DVD-ROM content.

“Illuminated Manuscripts” is a new release with a unique blend of high tech imagination and pastoral nature footage creating a captivating dreamscape of image and sound through 17 fascinating visual journeys. Layering computer imagery over photographic scenes of temples, waterfalls, forest and doorways, Illuminated Manuscripts introduces a new experience of art that draws from film, music, nature and organic special effects. Coupled with an internationally inspired electronica soundtrack, this DVD is the perfect vehicle for meditation in a soothing yet compelling ambient environment, or to test-drive a new video/audio system with its brilliant color and shifting images. Illuminated Manuscripts was created by John S. Banks with music composed by Fritz Heede.

Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, 6 unique eternal loops, still art galleries, Alternate soundtracks, ambient remixes.

“The Ultimate DVD”: Home Theater Fine Tuning Made Simple is a must-have new release for retailers selling home theater systems as well as consumers who already own one. The Ultimate DVD is a diagnostic and demonstration disc featuring reference quality sights and sounds designed to fully exploit the home theatre system’s capabilities. The DVD offers both a unique entertainment experience and simple step-by-step methods for getting the most from a home theater. Ideal for high quality home theater surround sound systems, The Ultimate DVD allows users to fine tune audio and visual capab9ilites and deliver proven results by viewing four unique visual and audio landscapes that are pleasing to the eyes and ears, and can be watched over and over again.

All four DVDs will be available on October 11th for $19.98 each.

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