Crime Story gets told again

What is it about the gritty cop drama that we continue to love? The 1986-88 series Crime Story is coming to DVD later this year from Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Lieutenant Mike Torello is a Chicago cop driven by a tortured memory: his best friend was murdered by Ray Luca, a small-time hood who is rapidly ascending the underworld’s corporate ladder. Obsessed with his friend’s death, Torello, backed by his equally dedicated team of detectives, pursues Luca across two cities, their paths clashing again and again throughout the series.

The first and second seasons will both be available as separate box sets Season One includes all 20 episodes plus the two-hour pilot episode and Season Two includes all 22 episodes.

Suggested retail price for each set is $39.98, with a mail-in consumer rebate offer of $10 off when both seasons are purchased together. Book a date for September 20th.

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