25 years is the Diamond Anniversary

Anchor Bay Entertainment commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Neil Diamond’s 1980 piece The Jazz Singer with a special edition DVD.

Yussel Rabinowitz, a talented cantor with dreams of stardom that eventually distance him from his close-knit family and faith. Yussel’s father and wife Rivka disapprove of Yussel’s pursuit of a career in music, yet reluctantly let him follow promoter Molly Bell to Los Angeles. After some disappointment, Bell is finally able to land a gig for Yussel that will showcase his talent and put him on the brink of realizing his dreams, just as his father and wife follow him out west to plead for his return to New York. The temptations of fame and Bell play against Yussel’s reclusive upbringing and familial commitment, making for very tense and emotionally challenging moments that test one man’s willingness to risk it all to follow a dream.

The DVD contains an audio commentary with producer Jerry Leider a theatrical trailer, a photo gallery and bios.

The DVD is set to arrive on October 18th with a $19.98 suggested retail price.

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