More TV from Buena Vista

Buena Vista Home Entertainment is releasing several new television DVDs and box sets in the coming months.

Phil of the Future

Phil of the Future is a live-action comedy series that introduces 15-year-old Phil Diffy as the teenager of tomorrow, literally. While on a time travel vacation, Phil and his seemingly average family from the year 2121 get stranded in the present day. Phil is just your average teenager, but his adventures are out of this world, his futuristic gadgets are definitely outrageous and his life is totally cool. So will he ever want to go back to the future?

Four episodes of the series including an unaired episode will street on August 16th.

That’s So Raven – Disguise the Limit

Raven is a winsome teen whose ability to glimpse flashes of the future often gets her into hot water. Getting her out (or sometimes into) these predicaments are best friends Eddie and Chelsea. Allowing her flights of fancy — yet eager to keep her feet on the ground — are Raven’s parents, Victor and Tonya. And then there’s precocious kid brother Cory, who is both an annoyance and invaluable resource to his big sis.
The second volume includes four episodes with costumed adventures available on August 16th

Boy Meets World Season 3

It’s a memorable year of self-discovery and heartbreak for Cory (Ben Savage), Shawn (Rider Strong), Topanga (Danielle Fishel) and the rest of the gang in the third season. When Cory and Topanga see that their relationship is in a rut, they break up believing that the magic they had is gone forever. Cory tries dating other girls, but soon realizes his mistake and attempts to “woo” Topanga back. But how much “wooing” will it take before they get together again?

The third season comes on August 23rd with a trivia game.

Life As We Know It

See the spirit of life through the eyes of teenagers Dino, Jonathan, Ben, Jackie, Deborah and Sue. This coming-of-age story is not just about sex, love, friendship and family but also about how the pressures of growing up affect the teenagers’ attitudes toward the things and people they love, and how these experiences shape them into adults.

The set contains not only the aired first season, but the final two episodes so fans of the series can finally see how the series ended. Outtakes, deleted scenes and more are on the set which arrives August 23rd.

Once and Again
Season 2 features the unforgettable proposal and marriage between the two stars and includes all 22 episodes from the show’s second season in a 5-Disc DVD box set. Also included is select episode commentary with creators Edward Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz. The set arrives on August 23rd.

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