Anchor Bay invites you to Dead and Breakfast

The zombie film gets turned on its ear with the upcoming theatrical and DVD release of Matthew Leutwyler’s satire Dead and Breakfast.

“Dead and Breakfast” tells the story – in song and scream – of what happens when a seemingly innocent road trip goes awry. Six friends on their way to a wedding in Galveston, Texas stop for the night at a quaint bed and breakfast in the sleepy town of Lovelock. But after a night that ends with both the inn’s owner and his chef dead, the gang find themselves under suspicion by the local sheriff. The mystery rapidly deepens when the already bizarre residents of the town become possessed by an evil spirit and pin the friends down at the B&B. Armed with a rusty chainsaw, a can of gasoline and a half box of shotgun shells, they must barricade the house and fight for their lives.

The new DVD is available in anamorphic widescreen with optional audio commentary with Leutwyler and the crew and a second commentary with the director and cast. Deleted scenes, bloopers, trailers and a still gallery are also on the disc.

An R-Rated and Unrated version will both be available on August 9th for $19.98.

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