The West Wing: Season 4

The West Wing: Season 4

Submitted by Bill Larsen, Mike Novak and Gevin Shaw

On their release of “The West Wing: Season 4 Warner Home Video has added a small hidden feature for fans to uncover.

Insert the second disk of the DVD set and select the ”Commentary“ menu entry. While highlighting the commentary for the episode ”Game On,“ press the ”Left“ arrow key on your remote control. This will highlight Toby’s tie in the picture. Press the ”Enter“ key now and you will see a nice clip with cast interviews about Joshua Molina who plays Will Bailey and apparently likes to play a lot of practical jokes on the set.

Another Egg is hidden on the fourth disc of the DVD set. Insert it in your player and on the Main Menu select ”Special Features.“ In the following menu screen press the ”Left’ arrow key on your remote control to highlight the picture frame, which will give you access to a clip of Martin Sheen having trouble remembering people’s names.

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