Warner goes Over the Edge

Matt Dillon’s screen debut came in the form of the drama based on the true events of a 1970s California town. Now Over the Edge is coming to DVD from Warner Home Entertainment.

“Tomorrow’s city…today” is how the planned suburban paradise of New Granada promotes itself, but something has been left out of the plans. No one is paying attention to the town’s teens; and for them, today’s New Granada is a wasteland with nothing to do and nowhere to go. They’re left to their own devices and many of them turn to drugs, alcohol and crime. When a misunderstanding ends in the death of a mischievous, yet harmless teen, the students’ rebelliousness takes a violent turn, resulting in a riot that parents and authorities are powerless to control.

The disc isn’t laden with features, but does come with an audio commentary by director Jonathan Kaplan, screenwriters Charlie Haas and Tim Hunter and producer George Litto and a theatrical trailer.

With a suggested retail price of $19.97, the disc will arrive on September 20th.

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