The Alien Planet is up for further exploration

The recent Discovery Channel Special Alien Planet took us to the fictional world of Darwin IV to see what forms of life might just be out there. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is now preparing the special for DVD releases.

Based on author/artist Wayne Barlow’s acclaimed novel Expedition to Darwin IV, Alien Planet merges science and futuristic simulation to create a dramatic virtual mission to the “newly discovered” (fictional) planet, Darwin 4. Alien Planet’s NASA consultants used the latest scientific research from real-life exploratory endeavors such as the NASA Origins Program, the NASA/JPL Planet-Finder Mission, and the European Space Agency’s Darwin Project to design the planet, the probes and the surveying spacecraft, as well as the various animals “inhabiting” Darwin 4.

Bonus features include interviews with filmmaker George Lucas and noted scientists Stephen Hawking, Craig Venter, Jack Horner and Michio Kaku.

The disc arrives on Earth on August 16th. Look for it with a $19.94 suggested retail price.

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