Street Racing hits the disc

Destroy Entertainment has completed a second installment in the HypeR Street Racin series which will be coming this month to DVD.

Type-A, Hyper Street Racing Type-B is a rawkus procession of racers and drifters always on point, always ready for a challenge and craving for more danger. Nothing is sacred for these bad boys as they tear through the parking lots and streets of suburban America leaving a wake of car parts, rubber and debris in their path. Featuring Teckademic stars Dustin Worlds and Dado leading the barrage of stunts, this DVD is turbo-charged to the max! Super Street Magazine calls Type-B “All around great street racing action,” and with a hot punk rock and hip hop soundtrack featuring the bands Over It, The Punishers, Joystick and Days Like These, you won’t get steered in the wrong direction.

The DVD contains nine stories of street racing. No extras are included on the disc which arrives this coming Tuesday ; July 12th.

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