Star Trek: Voyager: Season 2

Star Trek: Voyager: Season 2

Submitted by Larry Davis

On their release of the second season of “Star Trek: Voyager, ” Paramount Home Entertainment has added some hidden clips as well.

Insert the last disc of the DVD set in your player and on the Main Menu use the directional keys on your remote control to highlight the rear ship panel. Then press “Enter” and you will see a short interview with Kate Mulgrew about the episode “Deadlock.”

Now highlight the front panel and press “Enter” and you’ll see a clip of Mulgrew discussing the episode “The 37s.”

Now select the menu entry “More” and on the following page, highlight the top panel above the deflector using the directional keys on your remote control. Press “Enter” now to see an interview with the show’s visual effects producer, as he talks about the pilot episode.

Highlight the small reflector area midship to see a clip of Robert Picardo discussing the episode “Lifesigns.”

Select the “More” menu entry now to get to the third menu page where you can highlight the deflector panel to see actor Tim Russ in a music video.

Finally, highlight the lower na-cell and then press “Enter” to see the supervising producer talk about “Threshold.”

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