Some new episodes of The Jeff Corwin Experience monkey to DVD in August

With his inimitable mix of humor, action and education, Jeff Corwin takes viewers on a trip filled with both discovery and excitement. In each episode, Corwin embarks on a new adventure, traveling to a remote part of the world to come face to face with some of the planet’s most amazing wildlife. Using his unique wilderness field-craft along with specially shot footage, “The Jeff Corwin Experience” reveals the biology and behavior of a diverse array of unusual animals.

In August, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and the Discovery Channel will take us on new adventure called The Jeff Corwin Experience: Out on a Limb – Monkeys, Orangutans and More!

The DVD release will feature the following episodes from the acclaimed TV show.
“Zanzibar: Dr. Corwin I Presume” – Follow in the footsteps of explorer Stanley Livingstone to unlock the exotic secrets of the animals of Zanzibar. From the 30-pound coconut crab to the tiny suni gazelle, these seldom-seen species thrive in a remote and mysterious island. Jeff also discovers the last population of giant tortoises and meets up with the almost extinct band of red colubus monkeys.

“A Wild Man in Borneo” – The island of Borneo may be one of the wildest places on the planet. Deep in these jungles, Jeff Corwin encounters a herd of wild Asian elephants, orphan orangutans, reclusive proboscis monkeys and leeches before he captures two deadly snakes.

“Indonesia: The Orangutan Freedom Journey” – Poaching, the illegal animal trade and urbanization have diminished the orangutan population. Jeff travels to Indonesia to help further the existence of what’s left of these unusual primates.

Apart from these episodes the DVD will contain “Caught in the Act,” a Behind the scenes Look with Jeff Corwin at the making of the show. See the flubs, bloopers and mistakes that never make the show and all the times the animals didn’t cooperate.

“The Jeff Corwin Experience: Out on a Limb – Monkeys, Orangutans and More!” arrives on DVD on August 2 and will carry an education-friendly $14.95 price tag.

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