Plenty of Trek news

Enterprise seasons three and four now have a complete specs list. Both sets look to be pretty complete (sans TV spots).

Season 3 includes audio commentary on the episodes North Star and Similitude, plus text commentaries on The Xindi, Impulse and Countdown. Also included are the commentaries The Xindi Saga Begins, Enterprise Moments: Season Three, Enterprise Profile: Connor Trinneer and A Day in the Life of a Director: Roxann Dawson, six minutes of outtakes, six deleted scenes, a photo gallery, a Borg Invasion trailer and Easter eggs. Those who pick up the set at Best Buy will also get a bonus disc with the featurettes Shooting Begind the Camera: Marvin Rush and Enterprise Secrets.

The fourth season set contains audio commentary on the episodes In a Mirror, Darkly – Parts I and II and Terra Prime (the same commentaries available currently as podcasts), and text commentaries on The Forge, In a Mirror, Darkly – Part II and These are the Voyages…. The featurettes include Enterprise Moments: Season Four, Inside the Mirror Episodes, Enterprise Secrets, Visual Effects Magic, That’s a Wrap! and Links to the Legacy. Outtakes, deleted scenes, an Easter egg, a photo gallery and the obligatory Borg trailer are included as well. The bonus DVD will contain the two featurettes Enterprise Goes to the Dogs and Westmore’s Aliens: Creating Dr. Phlox and Beyond.

The sets are scheduled for arrivals on September 27th and November 1st respectively. Nestled right between them on October 4th will be the release of the Special
Collector’s Edition of Star Trek: Nemesis finishing off the film series. For the first time in twenty years all of Star Trek will be available on home video.

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