MVD puts out The Chesterfield Kings

MVD is working with the Chesterfield Kings to release the bizarre band-movie Where is The Chesterfield King? on DVD this year.

In the late 70s, the Chesterfield Kings set their own course into the past with an unbelievably raw ’60s rhythm & blues sound reminiscent of pre-1966 Rolling Stones. The Kings, unique in an era of punk and new wave, strode backward to the rough roots of rock, and catalyzed the garage rock revolution. Their influence in music history and pure ability to rock make them pioneers.

Where Is The Chesterfield King?!?! is a film in the style of Ed Wood meets Hard Days Night. The Chesterfield Kings take on the evil Andro, a maniacal alien bent on world domination, who has kidnapped drummer Mike. Can the Chesterfield Kings find their drummer, halt Andro’s master plan, & save the world? This wacky sci-fi music comedy is a must for any Chesterfield Kings fan, or anyone who enjoys seeing rock legends battle absurd aliens.

In addition to the film, the DVD will contain concert footage from 1997-1999.
Look for the disc to arrive on September 13th for $14.95.

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