Korean sensation 3-Iron will hit DVD in September

Honored at film festivals around the world and acclaimed by top critics, 3-Iron is the new film from Korean director Kim Ki-duk. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will now release a DVD version of the movie on September 6. The moving tale of two lost souls who meet amid the wreckage of both their lives, “3-Iron” was an official selection of the Sundance Film Festival and the Toronto Film Festival, a nominee at the European Film Awards, and the winner of four awards at the Venice Film Festival, including best director and the Little Golden Lion award.

Mysterious drifter Tae-suk enters other peoples¹ lives as easily as he breaks into their unoccupied homes. Instead of stealing their riches, he repays his hosts¹ unknowing hospitality by fixing broken items, cleaning up, even doing their laundry. But when he sneaks into a sprawling mansion, he discovers a beautiful, lonely wife named Sun-hwa, trapped in a loveless marriage. Without saying a word, the pair begin an erotic game of cat-and-mouse, until her abusive husband returns home, unleashing a shocking burst of violence. Tae-suk defends
Sun-hwa with the aid of her husband¹s golf club. The lovers run away together, finding domestic bliss inhabiting strangers¹ homes. Later, when Tae-suk is framed for a murder, even prison walls can¹t keep them apart for good.

The DVD will feature a Commentary Track by director Kim Ki-duk as well as previews for other foreign films from Sony Pictures’ catalog. It will be available on September 6 at a suggested retail price $29.95.

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