Koch releases across the board

Several new titles have been announced from Koch Entertainment.

The Story of Marie & Julien

Julien is a man who repairs clocks and is in the process of blackmailing a woman known only as Madame X. Julien is in love with Marie, who he once met at a party and has dreamt of ever since. When they bump into each other in the street she too is keen to renew their acquaintance and soon moves into Julien’s rambling old house. Slowly, it becomes apparent that there’s something strange about Marie. Madame X helps Julien gradually realize that he has to uncover Marie’s secret – and by doing so face losing her.

Paper Chasers

Enter the paper chaser’s world where the pursuit of power, respect and above all money drives one of the most influential movements in popular culture. Go behind the scenes with Ludacris, Fat Joe and other industry trailblazers whose stories of struggle, risk and ambition inspire the ultimate survival guide for the hip-hop entrepreneur.

Divine Intervention

At the center of the Middle East conflict, hearts beat in tragic comedy and deadpan irony: a sexy young Palestinian woman defies Israeli soldiers and struts through a check-point as if it were the catwalk of a fashion show, Santa Claus is chased up the sun-drenched hills of Nazareth by a gang of knife-wielding school kids, Israeli police use a blindfolded prisoner to provide directions to tourists in Jerusalem, a Palestinian collaborator casually extinguishes his firebombed house on a daily basis, and a female ninja descends from the sky, holding the map of ‘Palestine’ as her battle shield.

Wire in the Blood – Seasons 1 & 2

Brilliant, passionate and eccentric, clinical psychologist Dr. Tony Hill has an extraordinary understanding of the criminal mind. It enables him to empathize with both victim and murderer ― and even to visualize the crimes. Working alongside Detective Inspector Carol Jordon, Dr. Hill helps the police profile and track down vicious killers in northern England.


Michael Gambon brings George Simenon’s Chief Inspector Maigret to life in twelve film adaptations of his best-selling mysteries. From Montmartre to the French countryside, Maigret encounters the dark side of the human psyche while exploring the complex motives that lie behind every crime.

Old Man and the Sea

Once the greatest of them all, a courageous fisherman battles injury, exhaustion, the unrelenting forces of nature and a grueling contest – first with a huge, magnificent marlin and then with relentless sharks – to bring home the prize catch that will restore his dignity.

Bushido Blade

When fanatical samurai steal the Bushido Blade, a gift from the Shogun to the U.S. President, they jeopardize a treaty between the two nations. Battling rebel clans, a group of courageous American sailors embark on a dangerous mission to recover the sacred Bushido Blade.


A married man and a catering waitress are unwittingly brought together over a corpse. Not knowing what to do, they dispose of the body. As events unfold, seeds of mistrust spread until they threaten to destroy everyone in their reach.

State of Mind

Still distraught from her husband’s infidelity, a criminal psychologist is asked to determine the guilt or innocence of a man who has been accused of killing his wife. Stripped of objectivity, she finds her judgment compromised and her life in danger.

Stone Pillow

The great Lucille Ball plays Florabelle, an elderly bag lady struggling to survive on the streets of New York City. She carries her most prized possessions in a shopping cart, and has staked out a Manhattan street corner as “home.” When approached by Carrie, a curious young social worker played by Daphne Zuniga, Florabelle introduces her to the underground of Grand Central Station and the details of daily survival. Together both women discover a new perspective on their lives.

To Catch a King

Robert Wagner and Teri Garr star in this tale of international espionage, mystery and intrigue, adapted from the novel by international bestselling author Jack Higgins. When a dazzling American nightclub singer in 1940s Berlin uncovers a Nazi conspiracy to abduct the Duke of Windsor, she joins forces with a charismatic nightclub owner to prevent the plot.

Six Against the Rock
On May 2, 1946, six Alcatraz inmates staged a prison mutiny, capturing the cell house and seizing the attention of the country.

Soggy Bottom

In this zany comedy caper, set amid the marshy bayous of Southern Louisiana during Prohibition, high-speed water chases, romance and moonshine abound when a country songstress rolls into town.

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