Dreamworks Home Entertainment will premiere a 3-disc set of Gladiator

Since all studios have run out of a interesting titles, they all keep re-release their existing blockbusters and Dreamworks Home Entertainment makes no exception, announcing a new 3-disc version of Ridley Scott’s epic, the Gladiator: Extended Edition.

After another mighty victory on the battlefield, the great Roman General Maximus is requested by the dying Emperor Marcus Aurelius to assume his mantle of power. Jealous of Maximus’ favor, the original heir to the throne, Commodus orders his execution – and that of his family. Barely escaping death, Maximus is forced into slavery and trained as a gladiator in the arena where his fame grows into the greatest hero in the empire. When he comes to Rome, the Gladiator is intent on avenging the murder of his family.

This DVD version will include the original theatrical version of the movie as well as an extended version adding over 17 Minutes of Additional Footage into the film – presented in anamorphic widescreen, of course.

Also included is a Commentary Track with Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott and a plethora of new bonus materials, such as an Introduction by Ridley Scott and a Trivia Track including historical references and details about the movie.

On the second disc of the DVD set, you will find “Strength And Honor: Creating The World Of Gladiator,” a feature-length Documentary with new never-before-seen footage and all-new cast and crew interviews. The documentary consists of different chapters, such as “Tale of the Scribes: Crafting the Story,” “The Tools of War: Weapons and Vehicles,” “Attire of the Realm: Costume Design,” “The Heat of Battle: 3 Production Journal Featurettes,” “Resurrecting Proximo: Digitally Salvaged Scenes with actor Oliver Reed,” “The Glory of Rome: Oscar-winning Visual Effects,” and“Echoes in Eternity: The film’s release and global impact”

The third DVD contains a variety of featurettes and features under the title “Image & Design.” A Featurette about the Production Design is included, as well as a Production Design Gallery. A Storyboard Gallery and a Storyboard Demonstration are also included here, together with a Storyboard-to-film Comparison of three of the film’s key scenes. A variety of Photo Galleries are also found here, as well as an archive of Deleted Scenes, VFX Explorations and Trailers.

“Gladiator: Extended Edition” is coming to DVD on August 23 for a mere $39.98.

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