Constantine: Deluxe Edition

Constantine: Deluxe Edition

Submitted by JohnIan

On Warner Home Video’s 2-disc Deluxe Edition of “Constantine” the studio has also hidden a few gems for fans to discover in the depths of the DVDs’ menus.

Insert the second disc of the DVD set in your player and highlight the menu entry “The Production From Hell.” Then press the “Right” arrow key on your remote control to highlight the symbol on the skull. Press the “Enter” key now and you will get to see an animatic with director’s commentary.

Now, on the Main Menu, select the entry “The Production From Hell” and on the following screen, highlight the menu entry “Main Menu.” Press the “Left” arrow key on your remote control to highlight a crucifix and then press “Enter.” This will allow you to view a hidden featurette on the fight scenes in the movie.

Now, back on the disc’s Main Menu, select the entry “Imagining The Underworld” and on the next menu screen highlight the entry “Hellscape.” Press the “Right” arrow key now and a symbol will be highlighted on the screaming face. Press “Enter” and you will be treated to a featurette on actor Gavin Rossdale.

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