Brace yourself for the new The Amityville Horror

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has just announced the DVD version of the remake of the horror film The Amityville Horror. In the recent mania to remake any film imaginable – in most cases without the slightest regards for the original – it barely comes as a surprise that Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is touting this film as a movie “from by Michael Bay.”

The Special Edition DVD will come in two versions, one featuring an anamorphic widescreen transfer, the other in fullscreen. As extras the release will offer up Deleted Scenes and a Featurette on the subject of supernatural homicide. Also included is a Discussion of the DeFeo murders and what really happened. Further a “Making Of” Featurette is included on the release, as well as a Commentary Track by actor Ryan Reynolds and the film’s producers. The DVD will be completed by Multi-angle Peeks and a Photo Gallery.

You’ll have to wait until October 4 to find out if this remake was worth the effort and wait, or if it actually turned out o be a decent horror film.

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