20th Century Fox continues the saga with The X-Files Mythology: Black Oil

“The X-Files’” nine seasons of government conspiracy, paranormal phenomenon
and alien abduction obfuscate the truth with every cover-up, and the further
one gets from the beginning of the journey, the less clear the outcome

Now 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has announced The X-Files Mythology: Black Oil that cuts through the mystery with episodes from the ground-breaking
series that garnered three Golden Globe wins and 61 Emmy nominations during
its nine year run. This time, key episodes centering around the black oil, that
appeared intermittently throughout the series, are collected together in one
comprehensive volume, allowing fans to uncover the core truths about the
mysterious substance that had audiences guessing until the end of the

“The X-Files Mythology: Black Oil” will come as a special collector’s 4-disc DVD set in fullscreen and anamorphic widescreen. This special collector’s set features 15 episodes following the thread, as well as specific episode commentaries plus part two of Chris Carter’s new documentary “Threads Of Mythology,” which explains the meaning of “The X-Files.”

The DVD set will arrive in retail outlets on August 2 and carry a suggested retail price of $39.98.

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