Warner Home Video readies Constantine for release in July

Travel to hell and back when Constantine blasts onto DVD from Warner Home Video this summer. This comic book adaptation is an action-packed thriller from DC Comics’™ “Hellblazer” and stars Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz and features Djimon Hounson, Shia La Beouf and Gavin Rossdale.

As “Constantine, ” Keanu Reeves fights a new otherworldly foe in this eye-opening supernatural thriller based on characters from the “Hellblazer” Graphic Novels and set in a City of the Angels where spirit-world bounds have broken…and all hell is breaking loose. Holy water. A dragon’s-breath flamethrower. A shotgun crafted from a crucifix. Armed with these and assisted by an intrepid cop, John Constantine is a spiritual warrior gone to apocalyptic war. Be glad he’s on your side.

The release will come in two versions, as a single disc release and as a 2-disc Deluxe Edition. The single disc version includes 18 minutes of additional scenes and an alternate ending. The deluxe version on the other hand comes with a number of cool extras. The additional scenes and the alternate ending are included, of course, as well as a commentary track by Francis Lawrence, Akiva Goldsman, Frank Cappello and Kevin Brodbin. You will also find multi-part featurettes on the release, called “The Production From Hell”, consisting of three parts, “Director’s Confessional,” “Collision With Evil,” and “Holy Relics.” Another multi-part featurette is “Imaging the Underworld,” consisting of “Visualizing Vermin,” “Warrior Wings,” and “Unholy Abduction.”

“Conjuring Constantine” takes a look at the process of taking the material from comic book to film. “Constantine Cosmology” is a featurette focused on explaining the mythology behind the movie, and “Foresight” is a featurette on the subject of Pre-visualization and how it was used during the production of the movie. Also included is an exclusive collectible reprint of number #41 of the “Hellbalzer” comic book.

“Constantine” will arrive on July 19 and carry a $28.98 price tag for the single-disc version and a $30.99 retail price for the Deluxe Version. Not sure how these prices make sense to anyone, though, as the single disc version is terribly overprized in comparison to the Deluxe Edition.

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