The Blues Brothers hit the road again on DVD

As more and more studios have exhausted their catalog they keep revisiting titles that have already been released on DVD before, trying to spice them up and put them back on retail shelves. In such a move Universal Home Entertainment is bringing The Blues Brothers back to DVD in a 25th Anniversary Edition.

Apart from the cult classic starring Dan Aykroyd and John Belushin in the lead, the story of two bluesing con artists and their little road-show is filled with appearances by Blues’ greatest icons, including Ray Charles, James Brown, Arethas Franklin and Cab Calloway.

The 25th Anniversay Edition will contain the movie’s Original Theatrical Cut as well as the Director’s Cut that has not been available on DVD before. The release will also contain a series of Featurettes, such as “Rounding Up The Band: The Making Of The Blues Brothers” and “Tribute To a Blues Brother,” a portrait of John Belushi by those who knew him best. “Dan Aykroyd Gives You The Lowdown” is another feature on the disc, as well as an All-Access Pass to the Blues Brothers, featuring exclusive backstage footage at a Blues Brothers’ concert. “Keepin’ The Mission Alive” is another featurette found on the release, taking a look at the many spin-offs inspired by the film, ranging from stage shows to sequels.

“The Blues Brothers: 25th Anniversay Edition” will be available on August 30 and carry a retail price of $22.98.

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