Style Wars are documented on DVD this August

Style Wars is the award-winning, real-life action-adventure about the epic battle of New York’s graffiti writers to get their art up on the city’s subways… the rolling art extravaganza that would change the world of art and culture forever. The city is decaying, and there’s a war on. Kids 12-20 are rocking the city from its orbit with new letters, sounds and moves. On the frontlines are the writers, kings of style and kings of bombing: Dondi, Case 2, Seen, Skeme, Noc, Dez, Daze, Duro, Çrash, Mare and Iz the Wiz. Opposing them by every means possible are the mayor, police, and the Transit Authority. B-boys Crazy Legs, Ken Swift, Frosty Freeze, and Doze of the Rock Steady Crew are battling the Dynamic Rockers. The media and the art world are in a frenzy. Meanwhile, on the subways, one rogue writer is destroying everyone’s work. It’s time to unite or die.

The names they wrote, the battles they fought, are legend. Now, their lives and their achievements are written anew, in the deluxe double DVD, with over three hours of bonus documentary and artistic material, including powerful new interviews with Style Wars participants and special guest artists, conducted by Joey Garfield as well as by the filmmakers. Also included are outtakes and extremely rare archive hip hop footage from the 70s and 80s, and 200 “Hall of Fame” photographs of classic graffiti art subway cars. Extra special eye candy is added with “Destroy All Lines,” a continuous, 30 minute full screen loop of all 200 cars traveling through the frame. New music is contributed by Definitive Jux artists El-P, RJD2, and Aesop Rock, plus Mr. Wiggles, Kimson “Angola Red” Albert, David Chalfant, and Darryl Jenifer.

The release is scheduled for August 23 and will carry a $27.95 price.

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