Smallville has a forth season

Although the forth season of Smallville only ended two weeks ago, it is already slated for DVD release later this summer.

Season Four continues the tradition of introducing well-known characters from the Superman mythology — this time Lois Lane. During adolescence, relationships aren’t quite what they seem, and although Lois Lane’s beauty and quick wit catch Clark off guard, the two are like oil and water as teenagers despite the fact that someday they will be the perfect match. Expect the unexpected this season with surprising plot twists such as Lana’s superpowers, Chloe’s discovery of the century and Clark‘s quest for the 3 Kryptonian crystals in a bold attempt to keep those mysterious stones from destroying Earth.

The set includes the featurettes “Being Lois Lane” and “Inside the Writer’s Room”, commentary by Alfred Gough, Miles Millar and others on three episodes and unaired scenes. .
The DVD lands on September 13th with a suggested retail price of $59.98.

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