Gilmore Girls hit season four

The forth season of The Gilmore Girls is coming to DVD this summer from Warner Home Video.

Season Four unfolds with both Gilmore girls attempting to adjust to major life changes when Rory moves to Yale and Lorelai’s dream of owning an inn comes to fruition. Fortunately for Lorelai, Yale is much closer to home than the originally desired Harvard and Rory continues to find reasons to visit charming Stars Hollow whether it be a laundry emergency, the usual Friday night dinner or a well-needed trip to cure Lorelai of empty nest syndrome. Throughout the season, both Rory and Lorelai take their chances with dating, with the possibility of love might just be around the corner!

The new set contains all twenty-two episodes from the forth season along with unaired scenes, Who Wants to Get Together – a montage of Season Four’s best “hook-up” scenes, a pop-up text commentary on select episodes and trivia.

With a suggested retail price of $59.98, the set arrives September 27th.

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