August will bring us The Thin Man Collection from Warner Home Video

Since Warner Home Video released The Thin Man on DVD in late 2002, fans have been clamoring for the rest of the films in this series that delighted movie audiences over the course of thirteen years and the studio is now preparing The Thin Man Collection for release in August.

Featured in the collection, in addition to the original Thin Man, are the DVD debuts of the other five classic films: After the Thin Man, Another Thin Man, Shadow of the Thin Man, The Thin Man Goes Home and Song of the Thin Man. Available exclusively with the box will be a seventh bonus disc entitled Alias Nick & Nora, including two insightful documentaries, “William Powell: A True Gentleman” and “Myrna Loy: So Nice to Come Home to.” The DVDs are further enhanced with classic comedy, mystery and musical shorts, two radio dramas and a 1957 episode from the hit TV series based on the original characters with Peter Lawford and Phyllis Kirk taking on the roles of Nick and Nora Charles. The collection will be available in a seven-disc set for $59.92, while “The Thin Man” will also be available individually for $19.97.

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