Anatomy of a Shark Bite will kick off this year’s Shark Week

To coincide with the Discovery Channel’s 18th season of “Shark Week”, the cable network’s longest running television event, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will release the DVD Shark Week: Anatomy Of A Shark Bite on July 12th.

In 2002, shark behavioral scientist Dr. Erich Ritter was filming in the Bahamas with Discovery Channel when a bull shark bit him in the leg – an accident that was caught on film from both above and below the water. In “Shark Week: Anatomy of a Shark Bite,” Dr. Ritter watches and recounts the details of his experience for the first time.

Through extensive underwater and topside footage of other attacks, “Shark Week: Anatomy of a Shark Bite” illustrates how different breeds of sharks react to different situations and examines the difference between a shark bite and a shark attack. Experts break down the attack footage frame-by-frame, from initial contact to moving in for an attack, while computer generated imagery demonstrates how the powerful jaws of a shark.

The DVD release also includes “Future Shark,” a full-length bonus episode – another fascinating Shark Week special, filled with expert analysis. For the first time, sharks can be observed in the wild 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” will kick off on July 17, but the DVD will hit retail shelves on July 12 to whet your appetites for a meager $14.95.

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