Spenser – The Movie Collection is coming to DVD in June

Rykodisc is currently putting the final touches to a release many of you have been waiting for, I’m sure. Robert Urich played Spenser – For Hire from 1985 to 1988 in ABC’s acclaimed detective TV series, while four feature films were also produced following the cancellation of the show on ABC.

Created by Boston-based writer Robert B. Parker, the Spenser character was portrayed by Robert Urich, whose depiction of the wisecracking-but-deadly Boston detective made Spenser his most memorable role. Spenser – The Movie Collection reunites Urich with series co-star Avery Brooks (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) as right hand man ‘Hawk.’ Rykodisc will present these films as the first-ever “Spenser” titles on DVD as a 4 DVD box set that includes an extensive “Spenser essay.”

Unlike the series, all four films in this set are based directly on books from Parker’s Spenser series: “Ceremony,” “Pale Kings And Princes,” “The Judas Goat” and “A Savage Place.” The scripts for both “Ceremony” and “Pale Kings And Princes” were co-written by Parker himself, marking the first time the author adapted his character for the screen. Like the series, the films were well regarded by fans and critics alike.

The 4-disc DVD set will be in stores on June 28 and carry a suggested retail price of $59.95.

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