A Series Of Unfortunate Events

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Submitted by Andrew Fowler

Paramount has hidden a few cool extras also on the sing-edisc edition of “A Series Of Unfortunate Events.” Here’s how to get to them.

Insert the DVD in your player and on the Main Menu select “Special Features.” On the following menu, select “Orphaned Scenes” and in the next menu highlight the menu entry “Special Features.” Now press the “Left” arrow key on your remote control to highlight a star which will take you to “Count Olaf’s Ghastly Ghost Stories,” a clip of screen test footage of Jim Carrey adlibbing as Count Olaf.

Another interesting feature of the menu is found when you select the eye that is located between the “Set Up” and “Special Features” menu entries on the Main Menu. Selecting it will rotate through a series of different menu versions, all inspired by scenes from the film.

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