National Treasure

National Treasure

Submitted by Chris Frakes

On their release of “National Treasure” Buena Vista Home Entertainment has added a truly unique Easter Egg in which the hidden material is part of a game. A code game! Fortunately we’re here to assist you a little…

To play the game go to the “Bonus Treasure Hunt” screen form the DVD’s Main Menu. Watch all or part of the selections on the menu and when it ends a 2-letter code will be revealed. There are four separate 2-letter codes and when you acquire the final code a screen will pop up. Here you must enter the correct code combination. Entering the correct code takes you to an alternate Bonus Treasure Hunt Menu and you will receive a 3-digit Secret Key Number. Playing “Riley Poole’s Decode This!” game will give you the Master Code Key.

Now go back to the DVD’s Main Menu and highlight he menu entry “Bonus Treasure hunt.” Hit the “Down” arrow key twice on your remote control and a Mason insignia will appear. Press the “Enter” key and you will be able to enter either the Secret Key or the Master Code. If you decide to use the Master Key instead of the Secret Key, apart from the other hidden features you just unlocked, it will also allow you to view the movie in the Trivia Track viewing mode.

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